Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about store functionality, including how to create proposals, templates, and orders please see Navigating the Store.


What is the Apple Store?

    • The Apple Store is an online store with a specialized selection of Apple and third-party products available to purchase based on your contract. You may also check status and request product returns as indicated in the options listed on the home page.

Who can place orders on the Apple Store?

    • Customers with a valid contract and account number will be able to access their own store, where they can browse products and place orders. All users of a specific customer's Online Store are asked to identify themselves by registering or logging in using an existing Apple ID for Business.

When registering, I was asked to pick a role. What does this mean?

    • Your role determines the actions you can perform while using the Apple Store:

            - A Proposer can generate a proposal, but cannot purchase online.

            - A Purchaser can generate a proposal and can also purchase online.

            - An Indirect Proposer can browse the Online Store and generate order proposals.

            - A Recommended Systems Administrator may create, post, and edit the Recommended For You solutions that appear on the Apple Store homepage.

      *Please note not all roles are available in all regions.

What should I do if I get an “Oops” message or encounter problems while trying to view the store?

    • If an “Oops” message appears, or you cannot view a product while browsing the store, try clearing your browser’s cache and re-entering the store. You may also refer to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page for assistance.

What’s an Apple ID and how do I get one?

    • An Apple ID for business is used to log in to your authorized Apple Store(s). Apple IDs for business are created by following a registration process at if you are reseller or distributor or by following the registration process at My Access if you are a small business, enterprise, education institution, or corporate gifting and rewards customer. As part of registration, you must enter an email address that will be associated with your Apple ID for business.

    • You can’t use an email address that’s already associated with iTunes. If you’re a Reseller, you can't use an email address that's already associated with iTunes, Meeting Room, or GSX. If you already have an Apple ID for business that you use to access the Apple Reseller Store, Apple Sales Web, or Apple Sales Training Online, you can use the same Apple ID for business to access the Apple Store.

    • If you need to change the password for your Apple ID, go to and follow the steps provided. If you experience any difficulties with your Apple ID for business, please refer to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

Account Status

    • When you log in to the Apple Store, your account will be displayed. If you’re associated with more than one account, you’ll be shown a list of your accounts.Accounts that are shown with an “active” status can be used to place orders. Accounts that are shown with a “blocked” status can’t be used to place orders.If your account has a “blocked” status, please refer to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

Account Number

    • Your account number is a unique identifier associated with your Apple account. All orders that you purchase are placed under this account number, which is also referred to as a “sold to.” All invoices are billed according to the information associated with your account number.

    • If you have any questions regarding your account number, or the information Apple has on record with your account number, you should refer to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

What roles are available to users on the Apple Store?

    • For information regarding the various roles available on the Apple Store, please refer to Navigating the Store.

    • While logged in to the Apple Store, the role currently assigned to you is noted in the profile tab in the upper-right corner of the page.

Templates & Proposals

For information on how to create Templates and Proposals, please see Navigating the Store.

How long do my Proposals stay on the store?

    • Proposals remain available on the store for 240 days (8 months).

How long do my Templates stay on the store?

    • Templates remain on the store indefinitely, so long as they are not deleted by the user.

How can I view Proposals or Templates?

    • To view Proposals or Templates, simply click the “Proposals” or “Templates” link on the Homepage of the store.

Can I add more than one Proposal to a cart?

    • No. Only one Proposal may be added to a cart at a time, and in order to convert a Proposal to an order, your cart must be empty. However, you may edit your cart once a Proposal has been added.

Can I add the contents of more than one Template to a cart?

    • Yes. You may add products from one or more Templates to build a cart; once added, you may create a new Proposal, Template, or order.

Products & Pricing

What products will appear on my store?

    • Users can view or purchase products from the Apple Store based on their current contract with Apple.

Why can't I see certain products on my store?

    • Only products that an account is authorized to purchase, per the customer contract, will be visible on the store.

What happens when a product reaches End of Life?

    • Products that reach End of Life are no longer available for purchase.

What happens when a product I have saved in a Template reaches End of Life?

    • When items from a Template are added to the cart, any products that have reached End of Life will show as no longer available in the cart. You may select another product and save as a new Template or update the existing Template.

Why do I have to order certain products in specific quantities?

    • You may be required to order some products in specific quantities to optimize delivery efficiency.

What pricing will appear?

    • Pricing on the Apple Store for Resellers is based on each partner’s individual contract with Apple.

What happens if the price of an item in my Proposal changes?

    • If you have placed an item in a Proposal, and the price of that item changes before the Proposal is converted into an order, the updated price is shown the next time you log in, view the proposal, and add the item to your cart. You will not receive a specific notification that any prices have changed.

Orders & Shipping

How can I check the status of an order?

    • To check the status of an order, click the “Order Status” link on your Homepage. You can search by order number, PO number, or creation date.

How can I indicate the shipping address for my order?

    • During the checkout process, you’ll see a drop-down menu labeled “Ship To,” which you can use to select an authorized shipping option.

How does Apple safeguard my personal information?

    • For information regarding how Apple protects customer privacy, please refer to the Apple Customer Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this page.

How do I track a shipment in transit?

    • You can view tracking information by signing in to the Apple Store and selecting “Order Status” from the home page. If you ordered multiple items, you’ll find links to the tracking information for each line item that’s been shipped.

    • Click the tracking number to view the status of your package. Tracking information may not be immediately available. Please note that some carriers may not provide tracking information.

Can I expedite the shipping on my order?

    • Expedited shipping is available to U.S. and Canadian customers where supported. If expedited shipping applies to your order, the shipping method options will be displayed on the cart page for selection, if desired. Additional charges will apply.

How do I register to use the Apple Store?

    • Simply click on the "register" link on the Apple Store sign-in screen. Once you submit your registration, please allow time for processing. We will notify you once your request has been completed.

Return Requests

Who can request returns on the Apple Store?
    1. Partners with a valid Apple contract and access to the store can request returns online
    2. There are 3 roles that support return requests: Purchaser, Registered or Extended Proposer, or Returns Specialist.

    3. *Please note not all roles are available in all regions.

How long can I view my return requests online?
    • Your return request remains displayed online for up to 8 months.

How can I check the status of my return request?
    • From your home page, please click on Return Requests. You can search using the Return Request number provided in the return request acknowledgement email.

Where can I find a serial number that I want to return?
    • From your order status, please click on the required order. There will be a link associated to your part number called "serial numbers". Check which item you wish to return then click return. Next, select which serial number you wish to return and click on add to return. This will bring you to the return request page.

Where can I find my template?
    • From the "Create Return Request" page, you can choose to upload a template with multiple items. Access the template from the homepage. Click on Return Requests, then click on the Create Return Request button.  Click on the "Download Template Here" hyperlink to access the template. The supported file format is .xlsx. You may be asked to download a plugin to your current Excel version in order to maintain and save the file.

How do I request a return of Apple product?
    • You may request a return online by clicking on the Request Returns link on the homepage. Return requests can aslo be initiated from the Order Status page when viewing a specific order.

Can I add more than one item to my return request?

      There are three ways to add item(s) to a return request.

    1. From the "Create return page" there is an option to add items manually. This includes an option to "add 5 more rows" which can be used multiple times.
    2. From the "Create Return Request page",   you can choose to upload a template with multiple items. Access the template from the homepage. Click on Return Requests, then click on the Create Return Request button.  Click on the "Download Template Here" hyperlink to access the template. The supported file format is .xlsx. You may be asked to download a plugin to your current Excel version in order to maintain and save the file.
    3. From the Order status page - identify the original shipped order and from the order details page select the item(s) you wish to return and select "Returns"

What document types are supported for return request uploads?
    • The supported file format for Return Request uploads is Excel Workbook (.xlsx). If you are using an older version of Microsoft Office, you can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to upgrade the supported file formats from the Microsoft Download Center.

How can I edit or delete an item from my return request?
    • Items may be edited or deleted prior to submitting your return request by clicking on the trash icon at the right of each product line. Please contact Apple regarding any changes required after submission.

How can I check the status of my return?
    • To check the status of a return, click the “Order Status” link on your Homepage and select "Return" as your order type. There are several search options available for selection. You may also view the status of the RMA via the return request link, locating and clicking on the corresponding return request.

Can I cancel or change a return request once it is submitted?
    • Once a return request has been submitted, it can not be cancelled online. Please contact Apple regarding any changes needed after submission.

Which file types and sizes are supported as an attachment to a return request?
    • Up to five files can be attached to a single request. Files 2MB or less are supported for the following document types: Pages, MS Word doc, docx, RTF, TXT, PDF, PNG, TIFF, MS Excel .xls, xlsx Files > 2MB- up to 10MB are supported for the following document types: JPEG, JPG, GIF, and BMP.

How do I search Order Status for a Credit or Debit Memo request?
    • If you would like to search by a specific Credit or Debit Memo number via the Order Status page, simply enter the specific document number you would like to view into the Order Number field.

How do I add AppleCare Auto-enroll to my return request?
    • If your return request includes a Mac, iOS device or display, a search for a related AppleCare Auto-enroll product will be performed using the serial number provided.
    • If an active AppleCare Auto-enroll is found, it will be added to your RMA and viewable on the return via the Order Status page.

How do I obtain a Case ID?
    • A Case ID is required when Education, Enterprise or Government Institution customers request product return because it is believed to be Defective or Dead on Arrival. Please contact AppleCare to determine if the unit needs to be returned. If so, they will assign you a Case ID to be referenced on your request for return.

When should I select Carrier Error as the reason for return when creating a return request?
    • Select "Carrier Error" as the reason for return to request return of product mis-delivered or damaged in transit by the Logistics carrier.